Eat. Mindfully.

With mindful eating you will slowly gain the natural wisdom you were born with to only eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full and maintain a healthy weight.

“The workshop ‘mindful eating’ taught me how to listen to my own body instead of eating because it’s time to eat, because the smell of food is so good or because someone else is forcing me to take cake on a birthday. Bronwen inspired me to listen and be kind to myself.I still experience the benefits of the insights you gave me and as a dietician I share it with my clients.” – Alyanne Barkmeijer | Dietician | Ekself
“It is clear Bronwen has an innate understanding of diet and nutrition, plus the mental-emotional link many people experience with food and eating. As such she provides safe and effective guidance to anybody looking to increase their own knowledge and integrate a healthy approach to food in their own lives.” – Thomas Sheehy | Natural Health Coach | Natural Health 21