Mindful Eating PracticesKeeping the principles of mindful eating in mind, let me introduce you to some mindful eating practices you can start putting into place. Don’t try and change everything at once. All habit changes take time. It’s better if you choose one new practice at a time, once that practice is feeling more natural to you, try adding the next one. Give yourself at least a week of consistently incorporating each practice into your daily life.

There are many mindful eating practices which I cover in my workshops, but here is one for you to try. In my next few posts I’ll be covering some more mindful eating practices.

  • Being present for your meal – try this for at least one meal a day. Focus just on the act of eating. Block out all distractions – talking, television, driving, working. Become aware of the aroma of your food, breathe it in. Feel the texture of each mouthful as it enters your mouth, as you slowly chew each mouthful. Notice how the flavour changes as you chew it. Feel the sensations as you swallow the food. How does it feel as it goes down your throat? how does it settle in your stomach?

Do this for the whole meal. Notice as the food stops tasting as good as it did in the beginning. This means you’re probably getting full. Try and stop eating when this happens. At the end of your meal, take a moment to feel gratitude for your meal before you carry on with your day.

Many of us might find it easy to eat mindfully when we are having a good day, but what about when we’re feeling a bit emotional or stressed? Next I’ll look at some mindful eating practices you can use when you’re feeling the urge to eat emotionally,.


Overcoming Emotional Eating

What is emotional eating? I’m sure we’ve all experienced this more than once. When you reach for a sweet when you’re anxious about a deadline you’re supposed to be working on, when you eat a large bag of crisps after dinner because you’re lonely or when you eat a whole tub of ice-cream because you’re feeling angry – that’s emotional eating. I’m sure you could add many more examples. Take a moment to give it some thought – how often do you eat for reasons other than hunger? [Read More…]