why do we put on weightWhy do we put on weight? There are many reasons for putting on weight. Some people have been introduced to bad food choices from a young age and haven’t

learnt healthy eating habits. Some people have never learnt to listen to their body’s needs – when it is hungry, when it is full – often eating emotionally.

My reason for putting on weight was that I started dieting at a very young age. The deprivation of the dieting led to cravings, cravings led to binging and overeating. Eventually I became so out of touch with my body and its needs. My vision of a healthy weight also became distorted.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the energy balance equation for weight gain:

energy in (food) > energy out (exercise) = weight gain

So the solution, based on this simple mathematical equation sounds easy – eat less, exercise more, lose weight. Why is it so difficult to do then? If it’s so obvious, why does anybody have any weight problems?

The biggest problem seems to be that most people don’t look at their deeper reasons for overeating or not exercising. What are your deeper attachments to overeating or eating unhealthy foods? What are your aversions to exercise or being more active?

So often the first thing people think of when they are overeating or want to lose weight is that they need to go on a diet to lose weight. This often just perpetuates the problem. Let’s have a look at why dieting is so bad…

Why is dieting so bad?

As I’ve mentioned previously, most of us are born with the innate ability to know what our bodies need and when. We slowly lose this ability through social conditioning or for other reasons. Some of these reasons being… [Read More…]